Hair Braiding In Houston

Houston, with its rich cultural tapestry, boasts a myriad of hairstyling destinations. Yet, even in such a vibrant scene, Unique Braid and Weave Salon manages to stand out, particularly when it comes to African hair braiding. This salon has quickly become the go-to spot for many, and here’s why. Visit us at 1809 Eldridge Pkwy #214, Houston, TX 77077 or call at 281-300-0645 for appointment.

The expert stylists at Unique Braid and Weave understand this, merging contemporary techniques with individual client needs. A haircut here is not just a routine affair; it’s a personalized style session.


A Tradition Honored and Celebrated

African hair braiding is more than just a style. It’s a powerful testament to a rich history, identity, and cultural heritage. For countless generations, these braids have been more than just a hairstyle – they’ve been symbolic, holding deeper meanings and stories within their intricate patterns. Unique Braid and Weave understands this deep-rooted significance, and this respect for tradition shines through in their work.

Diverse Styles, One Destination

From the timeless appeal of cornrows and box braids to the elegance of Senegalese twists and goddess locs, Unique Braid and Weave offers a comprehensive range of African braiding styles. Their expertise doesn’t just end at the classics. They are also adept at the latest trends, ensuring that every client can find a style that resonates with them.

Expert Hands, Authentic Results

What truly distinguishes Unique Braid and Weave from other salons is their team of skilled stylists. With a profound understanding of the texture and nuances of African hair, they ensure that each braid is not just beautiful but also healthy for the hair. Their techniques preserve the hair’s integrity, ensuring minimal breakage and maximum longevity for each style.

A Personalized Experience

The salon recognizes that each client is unique, with distinct preferences and needs. This is why every appointment at Unique Braid and Weave begins with a consultation. The stylists invest time in understanding what the client desires and then offer recommendations tailored to suit individual requirements. This personal touch ensures that every client walks out feeling confident and special.

More than Just a Salon

Beyond offering top-notch hair braiding services, Unique Braid and Weave has cultivated a warm, welcoming environment. The salon exudes a sense of community, where clients can relax, share stories, and feel at home. It’s a space that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the beauty of African heritage.

The Art of African Hair Braiding In Houston

African hair braiding is not just a hairstyle; it’s a storied art form. With roots that trace back thousands of years in African culture, each braid tells a tale of heritage, identity, and beauty. At the Unique Braid and Weave Salon, this traditional craft is honored and celebrated. From the classic cornrows and box braids to the more intricate Senegalese twists and goddess locs, the salon offers a myriad of choices for those looking to delve into this rich tradition. Each braid is not only a style statement but also a nod to a beautiful legacy.

Weaving Wonders

Hair weaving has surged in popularity as it allows one to experiment with volume, length, and even color without long-term commitment. It’s a fantastic solution for those with thinning hair, or simply for those looking to shake things up. At Unique Braid and Weave, the process of weaving is treated with the precision and care it deserves. Utilizing only the finest quality hair extensions and ensuring they blend seamlessly with your natural hair, the salon promises a transformation that looks and feels authentic.

Why Choose Unique Braid and Weave Salon?

Apart from its vast range of services, what truly sets this salon apart is its commitment to authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Their team of dedicated professionals is not just trained in techniques but also in understanding and respecting individual client needs. Every session is an intimate collaboration between the stylist and the client, ensuring that when you walk out of those doors, you not only look but also feel like the best version of yourself.


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What our clients say about us

visited the Unique Spa Braids & Weaves for the first time color and cut just over three weeks ago now. I’ve been facing the tricky situation of going from a frizzy hair, dull skin, leg & hand dirt skin cells. I’ve never felt compelled to leave a review on anything before (ever!) but have been so pleased with the outcome I couldn’t leave it. Fantastic hair solution by Unique Spa Braids & Weaves and an equally fantastic cut. I was so impressed with , I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Three weeks later I’m still just as impressed with it as when I first left the salon. Will definitely be coming back. Thank you!.

Lisa Fox, Fox Petrol ltd.

My daughter has extremely thick unmanageable hair. We booked in with Unique Spa Braids & Weaves and WOW, WOW, WOW. What a fantastic cut and finish. Many hairdressers are reluctant to use the thinning scissors but Unique Spa Braids & Weaves worked miracles. My daughter is over the moon and so am I.Her hair has never looked so good. So pleased.

Mary Trump, Houston

Braiding at this shop is by far the best, highly recommended.  I love the ladies  They are friendly and professional. Each time I get my hair done, it’s like visiting family. Unique Spa Braids & Weaves and ladies are wonderful to ALL customers providing the best service and quality braiding.

Britney Spears, Mint Inc, Texas


Styles We Know

Doing hair styles with Waves and Braids is our professional expertise. Unique Braids and Waves, are well known for long background at Westheimer. Our clients are mostly coming from Westheimer Rd near by areas like HWY 6 South, Briar Forest Dr., Richmond Avenue, Wilcrest Dr,. We are proud to have happy customers from Westpark Drive, Bellaire, Memorial and even from down town Houston. If you are looking for Hair Salon service at Westheimer and near by areas the Unique is the option that you should try.


A Stylist’s Guide from Unique Braid and Weaves

Box Braids :Protective and Stylish: Perfect for our clients wanting to protect their hair while rocking a super stylish look. We individually section the hair into squares (or “boxes”) and braid extensions into each section.
Box Braids Features: Protective and Stylish: Perfect for our clients wanting to protect their hair while rocking a super stylish look. We individually section the hair into squares (or “boxes”) and braid extensions into each section.
Decorative Flair: Adorn with beads or metallic threads for an extra pop.

Senegalese Twists Features: Double Twist Magic: Here, we take two strands and twist them around one another for a smooth, rope-like appearance.
Sleek and Shiny: They’re especially beloved for their glossy finish and are easier to take down than some other braided styles.

Cornrows Features: Tightly Chic: These are tight, close-to-the-scalp braids created in neat rows, resembling cornfields (hence the name).
From Basic to Bedazzling: While traditional cornrows are simple, straight lines, they can also be crafted into intricate designs and patterns for a statement look.

Classic Three-Strand Braid Features:

Foundational Technique: This is our foundational braid, the ABC of all braiding styles. Using three equal sections, they’re intertwined in alternating fashion to create a cohesive plait.
Everyday Elegance: Perfect for those who want a quick, chic style on-the-go.

French BraidFeatures:

Elevated Elegance: It starts with three small sections at the crown, gradually incorporating more hair from the sides as we move downwards.
Crown Glory: With its raised appearance, it gives an illusion of volume, making it a favorite for those looking for a regal touch.

Dutch Braid (or ‘Inverted French’) Features:

Bold and Beautiful: Unlike the French braid that’s intertwined inwards, the Dutch braid pops out, giving a more defined and bold look.
Adaptable: From sporty styles to sophisticated soirées, this versatile braid is adaptable to any event.


Fishtail Braid Features:

Intricate Weaving: Using just two sections, we delicately pull tiny strands from the outer edge of each section and cross over to the opposite side.
Boho Vibes: Its delicate and intricate appearance gives a bohemian flair, making it a hit for beach outings or music festivals.